At IFMI we focus on fuel management priorities and practices with concerns at both local neighborhood level and city planning levels. We work with both local government and individual property owners in reducing fire risk through fuel management within the home ignition zones. This helps us to determine how to reduce interface fire risk on both public and private lands. We provide extensive “on the ground” assessments along with integrated GIS assessments based on the associated risks and values.

Combined with current interface practices we can help create best fire abatement practices with socially and economically defensible treatments. Using on the ground observation checks and mapping, combined with existing ecosystem mapping, we can identify significant fire hazard areas and potential or high fire hazard risk areas. All fire risk areas are mapped based on fuel and ignition types. We can create dynamic maps which exhibit how the fire interface can or will affect areas of poor fuel management. With this information we can create and design proper fire breaks and fuel maintenance programs to help protect private land or communities. 

We work with both the local government, and individual property owner to look at reducing fire risk through fuels management within the home ignition zones. We look at the area in detail and help to identify the potential risks to subdivisions or private property and link that with our ability to map and model fire crew response time we are able to help clients develop a strong Fire Abatement strategy.

IFMI is now selling the Fair Air Fire Mask!
A highly fire resistant, reusable respirator designed to filter very fine particulates present in wood smoke (0.3 micron). The FairAir Fire Safety Mask is ideal for fire fighting agencies, emergency services as well as the gereral public who have chronic pulminory conditions (asthma) but want to go outside during smokey periods. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, provides effective seal for all face types, is reusable, washable, has replaceable filters, and is quick to put on and take off. One size fits all, certified ISO 9151:1995 (E) and ISO15025:2000.


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