At Iverson Forest Management Inc., we take pride in providing high quality forest engineering services to our industry and government clients. Many of our engineering projects are Full Phase, spanning from initial cut block reconnaissance to final cutting permit submission. We employ a dedicated staff of professionals, including biologists, engineers, foresters, geoscientists, and archaeologists whom offer a complete package of engineering services. At IFMI, we work closely with our clients to develop cost effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our dedicated team of RPF's, RFT's, TFT, GIS technicians have years experience working in the forest industry designing and planning resource roads. We look after all of your needs from road reconnaissance, road designs, and mapping. We have the staff and tools to help you develop the roads you require, no matter the type or resource (forestry, remote resorts, access roads, and many other road types). 


561 Dobson Road
Duncan, BC, V9L2L5

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