Firefighter training courses based locally out of North Cowichan.

Schedule coming soon for the 2023 fire season

Recognized training is offered in the following courses:
  • S-100 Basic Fire Suppression & Safety
  • S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance & Safety
  • S-212 Fire Communications
  • S-230 Single Resource Leader (Crew Boss)
  • S-232 Portable Pumps & Water Delivery Systems & WHMIS
  • S-235 Ignition Operations
  • PSO (Powersaw Operator)
  • ICS-100 (Incident Command System)
  • Oil Spill Response/TDG
  • Fire Weather Index

PSO Courses Now Accepting Applications

2022 & 2023 Powersaw Operator training is now open for registration. Courses will be offered regularly from our Duncan location.

Email to sign up today!

A closeup of a chainsaw cutting a log

IFMI is now selling the Fair Air Fire Mask!
A highly fire resistant, reusable respirator designed to filter very fine particulates present in wood smoke (0.3 micron). The FairAir Fire Safety Mask is ideal for fire fighting agencies, emergency services as well as the gereral public who have chronic pulminory conditions (asthma) but want to go outside during smokey periods. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, provides effective seal for all face types, is reusable, washable, has replaceable filters, and is quick to put on and take off. One size fits all, certified ISO 9151:1995 (E) and ISO15025:2000.


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