Our aim at IFMI is to promote the health of the urban forest. Urban Forestry adopts a holistic approach to tree care which focuses on improving the health and longevity of trees in an urban environment. Urban forests are exposed to severe environmental stresses such as: poor and compacted soil, drought, air pollution, damage from construction, poor planting or pruning techniques.

Trees situated on the suitable micro sites are less likely to become stressed and become more resistant to insect pest disease concerns. Urban Forestry promotes pest and disease management initiatives that are environmentally, socially and economically sound.

As part of our Urban Forestry practices, IFMI will take care of all the details from planting to, tree care (diseased and dead tree Identification and removal), as well as the overall management of a urban forest stand and parks. Our trained and qualified staff poses's the skills to asses the levels of management for a specific area, from tree removal, selective harvesting, to root rot identification and planning of parks. IFMI Professional staff are highley capable os assisting you with all your complex Urban forestry planning.

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